The Hague International Design System

The Hague System allows a design to be registered in several territories starting from a single international application. A full list of Contracting Parties is available here.

The UK is planning to accede the Hague Agreement and progress has already been made with the IP Act 2014.  Currently, however, the UK is only a member by virtue of being a Member State of the EU.

Until the UK becomes a Contracting Party to the Hague Agreement, the UK’s departure from the EU will mean that UK applicants will then no longer be entitled to use the Hague System. 

Although you should of course speak with your Mathys & Squire adviser as your specific circumstances may affect matters, our general advice at present would be for UK applicants to avoid use of the Hague system until we have more information as to the likely effect of Brexit.

If however you or your company is a national of or domiciled in a Hague Contracting State, then you may still use the system after Brexit and Mathys & Squire will still be able to represent you under the Hague System.

The UK is currently working to join the Hague Agreement and thereafter Brexit should have little effect