We are proud of our Graduate Training and Development programme. Graduate recruits, designated as Technical Assistants, receive the best possible grounding in the understanding and application of Intellectual Property (IP) Law.

Training at Mathys & Squire begins at day one and continues throughout our graduates’ professional careers. Technical Assistants work under the close supervision of a Senior Associate and/or a Partner, who will oversee their work and provide constructive feedback on how to improve it.

All trainees have access to relevant learning materials, and are sent on the Queen Mary certificate of Intellectual Property Law course approximately a year after starting. The course is 4 months long and gives an insight into all aspects of IP law. It also exempts our trainees from the UK Foundation Exams, and is a great way to meet professionals from other firms.

After the Queen Mary course, we run a series of in-house tutorials helping our graduates prepare for the UK Finals Exams and the European Qualifying Examinations (EQEs). Trainees are also sent on the Queen Mary EQE course in preparation for these exams.

In addition, we hold monthly practice-group meetings, where we update each other on the latest case law developments in our practice areas. A series of introductory lectures (approx. 20) are also organised by the Informals (a large number of Mathys & Squire trainees are actively involved) which many first year trainees find useful. The firm has a generous budget to support your studies through the attendance of various webinars and lectures as desired.

Our recruits are provided with challenging work and a high quality of supervision to stimulate their development. However, work is carried out in an informal and sociable environment and there are plenty of opportunities to take part in recreational and social events with peers and other colleagues at the firm.

We are now accepting applications for graduate roles in our IT&E and BioTech groups starting in Summer/Autumn 2018. Unfortunately we will not be recruiting into our Chemistry group for this intake.


Open Day 

On Tuesday 12th December 2017 we are running an Open Day at our London offices in the Shard. We hope this will offer an insight into everyday life at the firm and enable attendees to find out more about the graduate training we offer. There will also be opportunities to meet and learn from more senior attorneys who have had a range of experiences across the profession including working in-house and overseas.

A short welcome to the firm from one of our partners will kick off the day followed by meeting trainees at a ‘speed dating’ session, a presentation on ‘a day in the life of a patent attorney’ and a chance to draft your own patent. Lunch and a tour of the office will be followed by further sessions in the afternoon including the opportunity to meet members of our HR team who will offer guidance on applications and interviews.

We will finish the day with some well-deserved drinks and networking with more of our partners and staff.

If you are keen on having an insight into Mathys & Squire and would like to apply for our Open Day, please send your cover letter and CV with details of your A level (or equivalent) results and full degree breakdown to Emily Wootton at



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To learn more about working for Mathys & Squire, click on the profiles below.

Andrew White, Associate

Andrew graduated from Bristol University with a PhD in Biophysical Chemistry

During my PhD I was drawn to the idea of becoming a patent attorney.

I joined Mathys & Squire after spending a couple of years at another patent firm. I had a couple of friends working here and had heard great things about Mathys & Squire, its way of training and the way they treat their trainees. I was attracted by the open and friendly nature of the firm.

One of the main things that stood out to me is that right from the start you are given a lot of responsibility and have a lot of client contact. I think I had my first client meeting on my second day!

I work closely with one of the senior associates, and together we work under the supervision of one of our partners. I have a wide and varied portfolio of work and have a lot of say in the types of work I get. This is really helpful, particularly when preparing for our professional exams.


Laura Clews, Associate

Laura graduated from the University of Liverpool with a PhD in Chemistry.

I became interested in patent law in my first year at University as this seemed to combine my love of science in general, particularly new inventions and discoveries, and allowed me to work with inventors themselves giving me insight into the commercial drive behind their ideas.

As I knew what career I wanted to follow at a fairly early age, I had plenty of time to research patent law firms throughout the UK. Mathys & Squire LLP stood out for me as they emphasised the importance of the client’s happiness and tailoring the work provided to suit both the client’s needs and financial restrictions, whether the client be a single inventor or a large company.

Since joining in 2011, I have found it to be a very friendly and supportive firm, particularly during training!

The type of work I do varies on a daily basis and includes general prosecution, patent drafting, meeting clients and attending hearings at the EPO in Munich. I have been lucky enough to work on a wide range of technologies, and being able to gain experience in different areas of patent law has allowed me to gain a better understanding of how the law works in general and has provided valuable experience which is useful when sitting exams.


Annabel Williams, Associate

Annabel graduated from the University of Manchester with an Master’s degree in Physics.

I was unsure what career I wanted to pursue whilst studying at university but once I had learned of the patent attorney profession, it seemed like the ideal career, allowing me to use my science but in a manner that overlapped with commerce and the law.

I joined Mathys & Squire after spending a year at another patent firm. I had heard good things about how they looked after and invested in their trainees. I was also moving from a smaller firm so, for me, being with other trainees who were in the same position as myself was a comforting factor. Everyone here seemed friendly and welcoming.

On starting here, I was immediately given a lot of responsibility and a wide variety of work. In my first few weeks I was getting involved in oppositions, which was a great experience and something I had not done before.

I work closely with a Senior Associate at the firm, and we are both supervised by one of the senior partners. Working closely with two senior members of the team is great for learning, and for helping you develop your own style.