David Miller

David Miller

David has a Masters Degree in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University.  He also has a Masters Degree in the Management of Intellectual Property, obtained with distinction, from the University of London.  David qualified as a European Patent Attorney and a Chartered Patent Attorney in 2009.

David Miller


Qualifications:MA (Cantab) MSc EPA CPA


David has extensive experience of examination and opposition proceedings before the European Patent Office, both at first instance and appellate level. In addition to patent matters, he has filed and prosecuted supplementary protection certificates (SPCs) in various European jurisdictions, and has advised on paediatric extensions, orphan drug protection and marketing exclusivity. David works in the fields of biochemistry, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology, with particular expertise in protein and peptide based medicines, formulation chemistry, immunology, antibody technology, vaccine technology, molecular probes and probing technology, recombinant gene expression, diagnostic assays and medical devices.


David has a master’s degree in natural sciences from the University of Cambridge. He also has a master’s degree in the management of intellectual property, obtained with distinction, from the University of London.

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